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  • Claudia Glassman

Amazing Kid Podcasts for Sleep

Sleep. It can be a challenge for our kids and especially for us as parents. Depending on the temperament of your child, your child may go to sleep quickly and easily, or take a while to calm down.


Lucky for me I seem to have gotten one child for each. I have one child who needed to run and play before bed. She would then do stories and go to bed and usually fell asleep within a few minutes of putting her head on the pillow. I also have a child who needed a lot of calm time before bed. She tends to be more of a night owl and prefers a later bedtime. Sadly, she had to make adjustments to her natural flow as we had to get up in the morning for school.

My challenge with having to different types of bedtime children grew when one would play and run around. This in turn excited the the other child to the point that it took her forever to fall asleep. I needed a way to fast track sleepy time (or at least keep her calm in bed until she fell asleep).At this point I did what any parent would do: search for solutions.

I stumbled across two podcasts that my kids love and now ask for them every night. They are:

Peace Out

Kids Meditation and Sleep Stories

These are not a magical solution for sleep. There are a lot of factors that impact sleep that may need to be addressed. These two podcasts have however become one of my tools in my sleep toolbox. Check them out and see if they work for you.

Claudia Glassman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, and Parent Coach.

**Disclaimer: This blog is the opinion of an individual and is not to be construed as professional advice or a professional relationship. If you are seeking mental health advice contact a therapist in your area. If you are experiencing an emergency, head to your nearest emergency room or call 911

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