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An easy activity to build your child up and foster connection

Sometimes as parents we get so caught up in correcting behavior and offering feedback that we don't give our children positive feedback. Our children may begin to feel like all they are hearing is corrections. An easy way to shift this is to create an appreciation journal. This allows our children to hear positive feedback and also can help parents shift the focus. This is great for those tough days we have. It forces us as parents to see the positive and focus on that instead of just the negative.

Starting the journal is easy:

1)Have your child make the booklet or decorate a journal. Allow them to make it their own.

2)Every day the parent or parents writes 3-5 things that they noticed and appreciated about their child that day. Make sure what you are listing focuses on process and not outcome. So instead of highlighting the "A"

your child got on a test highlight how much effort they put into their studying.

3) Read this to your child at night as part of the bedtime routine. If your child is older they may choose to read it themselves.

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