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Limit Setting: When, Why, and How

Are you frustrated by your child’s actions and find yourself yelling more than you’d like? Is your child’s behavior becoming a problem? Are you looking for better ways to instill discipline and limits without the power struggle and yelling?


Our webinar, Limit Setting: When, Why, and How, will help. Geared towards parents with children ages seven and under, this one-hour webinar will help you…

  • Understand what your child needs and how to set age-appropriate limits

  • Manage the child’s behavior without harming your relationship

  • See how rewards and punishments aren’t the best strategies, and learn alternatives that are better

  • Reduce power struggles, yelling and fighting


To access the recorded webinar click the sign up link below. 

Cost:  $15

Not comfortable submitting credit card info online? Email us and we'll do it over the phone instead.

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