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One-on-one coaching

Group courses and group conference call sessions -- for those of you that want other parental support and to know that you are not alone. “Meet” other parents who are having similar struggles as you are.

Play Therapy for Children

I offer in-home (or at school) play therapy for children 8 and under.

-Does your child demonstrate challenging behaviors?

-Did your child experience a trauma, or negative life event, that is impacting them?

-Is your child struggling with grief or loss?

-Does your child have frequent angry outbursts?

-Is your child struggling with behaviors at school?

My passion for working with moms came from my passion from working with children. As a Registered Play Therapist I still keep a part of my practice focused on play therapy. These services are currently offered in the comfort of your own home (or your child's school). This service is offered in the Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs areas.

I not only work with your child during these sessions but also collaborate with you, the parent, to provide you with support and strategies as needed. Therapy with children has the best outcomes when the caregiver is involved in the process.

The Rate for Play Therapy sessions is $250 (for a 50 minute hour)

What is Play Therapy?

Unlike adults, young children struggle to verbalize their thoughts and feelings. Play therapy uses a child's natural language of play to help the child express  and process their thoughts and feelings as well as to learn coping skills. Essentially Play Therapy involves a specially trained therapist to help children communicate about and resolve their problems using the power of play.

Play therapy is beneficial for a variety of challenges including:

Behavioral problems, such as anger management,grief and loss, divorce and abandonment, crisis and trauma, anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), autism or pervasive developmental, and social developmental,

To Schedule please email or call me at (770)988-5826.
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