One-on-one coaching

Group courses and group conference call sessions -- for those of you that want other parental support and to know that you are not alone. “Meet” other parents who are having similar struggles as you are.

Non toxic Saplings

Are you a parent looking to provide a healthy environment for your child?
  • Did you know that typical bath and body products can contain hormone disrupting chemicals?

  • Are you aware that many of traditional household cleaners are toxic for us and that there are better solutions?


  • Are you looking for better ways to manage your emotions?

  • Are you struggling to manage some of your child's behaviors?

  • Do you wish you had more information about child development and why your child is acting a certain way?

  • Are you looking to find more joy in parenting?

  • Are you looking for a judgement-free place to receive help and support?

With 13+ years as a therapist working with children and their families, as well as raising my own children, I can help you!

I offer two distinct paths of support.
Coaching Sessions

One-on-one sessions that address your specific family circumstances. Generally, coaching sessions are:

  • Focused on the present

  • Designed to provide you with information and tools to manage a variety of parenting challenges

  • Designed to be goal and action-oriented

  • Held entirely online or over the phone

Therapy Sessions

One-on-one sessions that address a multitude of challenges you may be experiencing. Generally, therapy sessions are:

  • Focused more on process and potential past issues and patterns of thinking and behavior

  • Helpful in identifying, processing, and moving through current issues or in healing from unresolved past traumas, tragedies, or losses

  • Focused on experiences, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and ways of being in the world

  • Only available to residents of Georgia and Florida (based on state law)

  • Held entirely online or over the phone

Want to learn more about therapy sessions?

Each session is 1 hour at a rate of $185 per hour.

Schedule your free, 15-minute consultation today to discuss a support plan.

Please note that due to the nature of online counseling/therapy services and because I am only available during business hours I cannot accept clients who are in need of crisis counseling.


If you feel you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It is a free, 24-hour hotline, at 1.800.273.TALK (8255). Your call will be connected to the crisis center nearest to you. If you are in an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.